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Crystals in Urine 0

Crystals in urine

Introduction to Crystals in urine Crystals in urine form when there are too many minerals in...

Stool Collection 1

Stool Collection

Stool Collection is the process of collecting stools sample in the stool container for laboratory diagnosis...

Urine Collection 0

Urine Collection

Urine collection refer to the process of collecting urine on it is container. This process take...

Sputum collection 0

Sputum collection

Sputum is the routine specimen that as laboratory practitioner you must know how to collect it...

collection of routine specimens in a laboratory 0

Collection of Routine Specimens

Collection of Routine Specimens includes Urine collection, Stool collection, sputum collection, blood collection and pus collection. ...

Blood collection 1

Blood collection

Blood collection is the Process that involves the removal of blood Through Veins, finger prick and...