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About me

Labsstudies is the study website that provide Online Notes materials for Medical Laboratory Science Students. This is the Good Place for you to get knowledge , and Education materials(Notes). 

My goal is to help Medical Laboratory Science students with free and relevant Education materials , Also to increase your knowledge , and to be good in your studies and profession in the Laboratory.

My profile:

I am Abdulrahman Sadick  my work name (abdul) , Iam Medical  laboratory scientist and educator. I have completed my Medical laboratory science degree studies (BMLS) at the international University of Kampala in Tanzania. 

I have experience working in the Hematology department, Microbiology department, Parasitology department, Phlebotomy department, Anatomy and physiology laboratory, and clinical chemistry department.

Previously  I was a tutor at the city college of health and allied science. after  that I was worked at hospital .

 I have experienced working and volunteer include Ndanda hospital, Ngamiani , and Magereza hospital. Currently Iam working at Private Hospital called Ekenywa Hospital, when I am at working in Hospital  I saw an opportunity to teach students through online, so that they could get this my experience, shares my ideas and inspire students, workers and public in a medical laboratory science  .

Apart from this laboratory profession, I’m good in writing, using Microsoft office programs and blog for educating the community on education issues. Iam love in doing provision of laboratory education materials and science blogging


Thank you.

The website contents provided here is for Learning purpose only .